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The 67th Annual Singing Christmas Tree

8 PM   | Fri Dec 3, 2021
12 PM | Sat Dec 4, 2021
2 PM   | Sat Dec 4, 2021
6 PM   | Sat Dec 4, 2021
4 PM   | Sun Dec 5, 2021
6 PM   | Sun Dec 5, 2021

Gateway Village
800 W Trade St
Charlotte, NC 28202

The 67th Annual Singing Christmas Tree brings its spectacular production to Gateway Village, a grander setting you couldn’t imagine. Featured guests include the Chris Thompson Cultural Ensemble dancers, Grey Seal Puppets and the fabulous Tree Band, this year’s 70-minute production (without intermission) will delight as we all reclaim the holiday season live and in-person. Six performances provide entertainment for the whole family.

Gateway Village is a protected, outdoor facility. It is covered and has walls on two sides, and is open at both ends. We’ll have heaters in place, but please dress appropriately for the temperature.

For your and singers’ safety, all audience members must be properly masked during the entire performance and observe appropriate social distancing.

See more information about Gateway Village


PARKING GARAGE at 700 W Trade St (closest option to the venue)

W 5th St between Cedar St and Wilkes Pl
– or –
700 W Trade St

M-F      Enter before 5pm, $3 for the first 20 minutes, each additional 20 minutes is $1. Maximum daily fee is $20
M-F      Enter after 5pm, maximum daily charge is $5
S-SU    $5 per day

Clearance is 9 feet on Levels 1 and 2.
Clearance is 7 feet on Levels 3 thru 8.

Cash, credit and debit cards are accepted
Rates reset at 3 am

SURFACE LOT at 950 West Trade Street Location (about a block away)

Accessible from N Irwin Ave only

M-F      $12 before 5pm,  $5 after 5pm.  Maximum daily fee is $17.
S-SU    $5 per day

Cash, credit and debit cards are accepte
Rates reset at 3am


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